Empowered for Ministry is an eye opening book published in 2019 written by Pastor Jeff Gichuki, Senior Minister at Uzima Centre Church of Distinction(Nairobi, Kenya). Uzima Centre is a vibrant apostolic ministry whose vision is raising believers with a kingdom focus. Pastor Jeff Gichuki is also a worship leader. He is passionate about soul winning and has travelled to many countries especially in the Middle East preaching the gospel.

In his book, Pastor Jeff Gichuki deals with a major misconception that people have concerning ministry and the minister in the body of Christ.  The only understanding most believers have of a minister is the one who ministers to them on the pulpit either through preaching or singing. You have probably never thought of the usher who welcomes at you at the door every Sunday morning as a minister and also the Sunday school teacher (I prefer calling them children ministers). In the book, Pastor Jeff clearly defines ministry as offering service, he clarifies that ministry is not for a few people in the body of Christ but for all the saints.

He is a graced author and teacher who labors to equip the believers of Christ to function effectively in their calling and service to God and he does this through his book Empowered for Ministry. He communicates in a very simple language and has excellent flow of thoughts. He gives illustrations, examples and testimonies that are relatable and easy to understand both from characters from the bible and today’s life experiences. He is careful to derive all his teachings or relate them to the word of God. He has also shared a few of his experiences in ministry especially how the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been manifested through him and his fellow ministers. This, I find to be very important, sharing what he has experienced and practiced. This give the readers the confidence that the principles and wisdom shared therein works and can work for them, just as they have worked for him.


One can also tell from his style of writing that he is not only a graced author but also a good researcher and reader. How do I know this? The definitions of particular words such as ministry, service, calling, talents, gifts, vocation, submission among others are well articulated. Second, he quotes several books. Among them is How to begin in ministry by David JumaEvangelism by Lewis DrummondDiscover your spiritual gift and use it by Rick Yohn and Mighty manifestations by Reinhard Bonkhe. Would you not feel more confident knowing that the author whose book you are reading is well versed and conversant with the topic he is writing about?


Categories of people who need to read this book;

I would recommend this book to everyone; believers and none believers alike. If you are a non-believer consider this book an invitation to receive Christ, use your talents to bring Him glory and to receive spiritual gifts that are only given by the Holy Spirit- accessible to those who believe and seek Him.

If you are a new believer, this book is a very useful discipleship tool. Salvation is not a destination by itself rather it is a journey that requires one to discover their purpose and attain maturity. The wisdom shared in this book will help you to understand what is expected of you now that you are an ambassador and a Kingdom citizen.

Every believer that is yet to know their calling in God should also read this book. Pastor Jeff gives wisdom on how to identify ones gifts, talents and calling. He also outlines and expounds on several ways in which God communicates His call and gifts to His children.

Every believer that has been in service/ministry and desires to be more effective and to bear fruits will also find this book helpful. Pastor Jeff has emphasized on the importance of effectiveness, excellence and efficiency in ministry.

Every believer who desires to be used of God to do His will and make impact in the world will find this book useful. If you have been praying or singing, “ Use me Lord, I am available, I give myself away so you can use me or I say Yes to your will Lord,” this book will help you actualize that. You should definitely read this book! You will learn a lot. Did you know that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are evangelistic in nature? I picked that from this book.

I would also love to recommend this book to every five-fold minister (Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers). According to Ephesians 4:12, these graces are given to equip the saints for the work of ministry. God is so gracious that He has placed every believer under these graces. I therefore believe that the five-fold ministers are best positioned to share the truths contained in this book with the saints in order to bring them to the unity of the faith and cause them to attain maturity. Pastor Jeff also emphasizes on the importance of the local church in this book. He encourages all the believers to belong to a local church family and exercise their gifts in the local church they belong to.

If you belong to any of the categories mentioned above, please grab yourself a copy of this awesome book. You can get this book and other books written by Pastor Jeff Gichuki on his website Pastor Jeff Gichuki (www.jeffgichuki.com). You can also contact him through; Tel: +254 718 353 388, Email: uzimacentre@gmail.com or Facebook: Jeff Gichuki or Uzima Center.

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